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Oh, LJ
It sounds like LJ laid some people off yesterday. (Hey, it happens to the best companies. Really.)

I expect that -- like when it was bought by Sup, and during most of the changes in the long-while since 6A bought it -- I will see absolutely no difference in any aspect of using the site.

That said, I'm sure that some really good people got laid off, and I'm sorry for that: the 'no severance part of it is really especially terrible. My best wishes to all involved. If I can help anyone in getting a hookup in the Boston area, let me know... though I expect that I don't have anyone who friends me and was laid off, or is even that close anymore. (Things fall apart; the center can not hold -- though I'm not quite sure if the blood-dimmed tide is loosed.)

I like living near Boston/NY. I buy things that ship from there, and end up getting delivered overnight, despite only paying for (or not paying for) ground shipping. In this case, it's a new 50mm f/1.8 Lens (this), and a 430 EX II flash (this one).