Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt


Why yes, Virginia, there is a 3am.

Been on a shitty sleep schedule since I got back from Japan, falling asleep around 9 and waking up at ass-o-clock. In theory, I should just go back to sleep, but since Jess tends to be up and typing at 3am, it is somewhat hard to do so.

After a couple weeks hard work, shortly before I left for Japan, I finally got the new MetaCarta Developers Site up and running. It's not perfect yet, but pages like this one about OnDemand make my heart sing, since they actually document shit that in the past, people would have come to me for documentation of.

I'm still uploading pictures from my trip to Japan, but only have one more day to get through. In general, for trips to foreign countries, I'm a bit too unselective about what I upload, but I figure that since I'm not going to be returning, having a full set of the things I care about uploaded is nice.

I am a dull person.

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