Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Flying Home

I'm currently in Tokyo airport, flying home in about an hour. I leave Tokyo at 11:15, and arrive in Chicago at 7:50AM. I then leave Chicago at 9:26 and arrive in Logan at 12:44PM.

Japan has been an amazing trip. I've eaten octopus and squid, had a bunch of sushi, ridden the Shinkanzen train, seen a collection of 200+ goth-costumed Japanese chicks crowding a live band, been to Osaka Castle, seen a Giant Buddha statue in Nara, presented to > 80 different people about OpenLayers and its history, present, and future, given two workshops to ~ 10 people on how to get started with OpenLayers, and more.

Maybe I'll write a real trip report at some point, but if *a* picture is worth a thousand words, then I think 452 pictures is worth a bit more. (And I still have 500 to sort through! I probably should cull a few of those though, since they're not all up to my usual standards.)

Looking forward to getting home.

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