Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Red Wizard Needs Sleep Badly

(When is LJ going to stop with the Undead Journal thing? Halloween's over, man.)

Sleep Schedule Thursday Evening: Stay up until 11:30 packing. Pass out. Get up at 3am, start packing again.

Get on plane to Chicago, 8am Boson Time. Probably sleep about 1.5 hours out of 2.5 on Boston -> Chicago flight.

Get on plane to Tokyo, 11am Boston time. Fail to realize beforehand that flying from Chicago to Tokyo means there *is* no night time, despite landing a day ahead. Despite flying for 12 hours, I never even see a slightly darker sky.

However, I get an entire set of three seats to myself for the first hour of the flight, which seems good for my chances of decent sleep.

Then, I am entirely too nice when a Japanese woman asks to take the seat next to me -- I figure that it's no big deal if I only get 1.5 like everyone else instead of 3.

Then realize that she intends to bring the person she was with *with* her, meaning I don't have 1.5, I have 1 -- and the person I was sitting next to isn't that compact either, so it's less than 1. So much for sleep.

So I end up with not enough space, and the woman to the right of me keeps cracking her window open to take pictures of the mountains in Alaska, shining bright sunlight in my eyes.

Once we were over ocean next to Russia, that stopped, and I was able to get about 2.5 hours of fitful sleep on the rest of the flight. Arrival in Tokyo at 1am Boston Time. (2pm local time.) Get out of the airport around 3pm local time.

Next is getting to the hotel. 1 hour train ride -- no sleep, but some work on my presentation that I gave this morning. Then a 1 hour-ish walk through the maze that is the subway station, and to my hotel, arriving around 4:30PM.

Get online, check email, body says "hahaha, joke is on you, it's 4am according to me! And you've been up since 3am!" Pass out. At 11ish PM local time, wake up (10am Boston time), and only sleep fitfully/dozingly for the rest of the morning. Get some food from a mini-mart at 2:30 AM. Finish presentation and workshop materials while watching Dead Like Me.

Come to conference at 8:30am. (7:30PM Boston time.)

So, let's clarify. I woke up at 3am Boston time on Friday. It is currently 12:45AM Boston time on Sunday -- just 2 hours short of 48. I believe that I have likely slept approximately 11 hours in that time.

That is far too little. I don't have enough adrenaline for this shit. I want a damn nap.

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