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More Camera Stuff
Playing with CamerasBorrowing some gear from a coworker for the rest of the week -- including a 100mm macro lens, which I'm having fun playing with. (Most of my pictures from yesterday were taken with that one.)

I've also got a Speedlite 550ex which I'm going to try and do some playing with -- I don't think I'm at the point yet where flash is what I want most, but it's something.

With that in mind, yesterday's photo ended up being a macro shot of the back of the flash that I took while I was playing around with stuff... This could become a dangerous hobby if I end up keeping it up...

9 days until I leave for Japan.

Wheels (Also, since I missed it: Monday's image, which I wasn't as happy with, but is not that bad.)

Ali is sick. She brought it home from school, and definitely gave it to Jess, and possibly gave it to Lynne as well (since she was over on Monday). Other than that, life on the home front is much the same... Though I do need to let my parents know I'm going to Japan... oops... (You'd think I'd have learned after my last mistake.)

Got started on a new/interesting Python/JS project with a friend in my copious spare time. It's nice to have a project which isn't 90% done: the limitations that places on you are so annoying. Doing the last 20% always sucks. I'm much better (and way more efficient) at the first 80%. Wish that I could actually find a job that was about the first 80% -- OCTO was supposed to be that way, but it never really did work out like that.

What should I be writing about here? You all think I'm dull as rocks, I think. Anyone got an interest in helping me improve that?

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Come over for dinner sometime! Very few of us are sick and we have weird things to photograph.

I guess you're back around now? If I came over around 9 some night, would there be people up and shit? I'd love to come over -- if only cause I've never been to pika -- but coming over before the kids are in bed is pretty much a no go given my current schedule. (No need to feed me; I can generally take care of that myself.)

I'm out until 10:30 Tuesdays and Thursdays, but I'm generally around most nights past nine. Give me a call; it'd be great to see you!

Realized as I'm sitting here thinking what I should be doing instead of staring at the computer that I don't have your number, so giving you a call doesn't work so well :)

You have my number! Your phone kept robocalling my mom's number for a while, too :P

Look me up in the MIT directory; it's there.

That was my previous phone, which is dead :)

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