Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

monday? again?

From The SidelinesI'm totally failing at getting going this morning: So far, I have accomplished zero work. So, how better to improve that than posting to LJ?

Went to the Head of the Charles Regatta yesterday. Made my first attempts at sport photography -- some of the photos came out okay, but it's definitely not my strong suit at this point. (I did feel the limitations of my telephoto lens as well: 200mm just isn't enough when you want 'close ups' on people in the middle of the river.) Saw lots of cool looking camera equipment. Photos are up on Flickr. Had my first successful use of GPSPhotoLinker -- works better once I realized that my phone exports to GPX in the local timezone (contrary to the spec), which has been throwing off all my timestamps -- which means my map of the photos I took is actually somewhat more interesting than usual (where I'll just take big hunks of photos and plop them down somewhere nearby).

I'm sleepy. I think I need a personal health day sometime soon.

Picture of the day from yesterday is this cute little kid, who came out to the Regatta. I really like the way the lights came out in this picture.
Tags: head of the charles, photography
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