Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

One a Day

In order to improve my photo skills, I'm currently working on taking part in a 'one photo a day' project.

The concept behind these projects is pretty simple: Taking a single photo a day lets you improve your photography. By continuing to take photos -- even when you can't see anything that seems to fit as a 'photo' you want to take -- you're pushing your boundaries, encouraging yourself to find new and interesting things to turn into a photo. Project 365 is one of these: I'm not participating directly in any project 365 stuff because I don't know how long it will go on for, but the concept is the same regardless.

Rather than one photo a day, I'm actually pushing myself to take one *great* photo a day -- which means that at the moment, I'm taking more like 30. I'm not looking forward to when winter comes along and takes away all my great material that I have at the moment :)

I'm maintaining the photos that I'm taking in a separate set on Flickr (The "One a Day" set) as well as posting them to the One A Day group.

So far, I've been relatively pleased with the results: as I found during the conference, taking lots of pictures is the fastest way to improve your photography. Currently, I'm shooting almost everything with my 50mm prime lens. The only exception is the leaf that I took yesterday: that one was done with the zoom, because there was no way to focus close enough with the 50mm.

Flowers One A Day

Trying to take one good picture a day for as long as I can, to keep my photo chops up and improve them.

Mako and Mika, Grendel's, Oct 12th Pay Phone Flowers Fall in Cambridgeport Fall in Cambridge Fall in Cambridge

I'm having fun exploring things other than portrait photography: I feel like I actually got pretty good at that during FOSS4G.

Anyway, if you want to follow along, there's an RSS feed of my One a Day set, and I'd love to have comments/suggestions as to what it would be nice to have photos of. I expect to try to vary my photos as much as I can: mixing in portraits and other stuff like that as I get time with people who don't mind having their pictures taken. :) Right now, the season is making photos of fall an ideal thing to work with -- I'm also keeping a Fall 2008 set with the photos from that.

Regardless of what anyone else thinks, I'm enjoying this project so far, and looking forward to keeping it up -- and would love to be encouraged to do so. I hope to start including these 'one a day' shots with my LJ entries as I post them -- and maybe it will even encourage me to post more, so that people can see my pictures. :)

(If my photography stuff is boring you, or the inclusion of photos is straining your connection or causing problems for your friends page, feel free to let me know, and I can consider making a filter for it.)
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