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Going to Japan
I'm going to Japan the first week in November. Specifically, I'll be leaving Oct 31st, arriving in Tokyo on Nov 1st. I'll be speaking at FOSS4G 2008: Tokyo on Nov 1st, staying in Tokyo until ~Nov 5th, then going to Osaka; from Osaka, I'll be speaking at FOSS4G 2008: Osaka, and then I'll be flying back to the states on Nov 10th. I'll be acting as a keynote speaker on OpenLayers, and may also be helping to lead a hands-on session/workshop.

I'm doing this thanks in large part to the support of Orkney (in conjunction with OSGeo Japan) and MetaCarta.

(I wonder if I can get people together for a "Chris wasn't eaten by a Japanese Octopus" party...)

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i take it this means i need to find a replacement for my tag-along to the NIN show?

Oh, crap. I thought I remembered it being the 11th? I see now that it's not :( Jess had expressed an interest in going before; let me check with her and see if maybe she'd want to go with you?

Jess says that if you don't have anyone else you'd rather go with, she'd love to go with you. So, feel free to find someone else if you prefer, but you've definitely got someone from the Schmidt family who'd go with you if you want :)

that'd be cool with me =)

Not Eaten By [Lion, Giant Cephalopod, Grue]... I could see this becoming a popular party series!

"Grue" seems troublesome as we get into winter, since most of the time when I walk home it will be 'very dark'...

We'd just have to celebrate the fact that you haven't been consumed yet in a gruesome manner on a regular basis!

I said, "You know, we should totally celebrate the 'Chris was not raped by a gigantic tentacle!' thing."

... assuming, you know, that he's not.

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