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I am returned from Kruger. I was not eaten by a lion, and I will be posting pictures once I'm back to real internet.

I did see Giraffes, Zebras, and (of course) Lions, despite not being in Kenya. However, I am pretty sure there are actually no Tigers in Africa, so the claim that you can see Tigers in Kenya is simply wrong.

I fly back from Cape Town to JFK tomorrow; the day tomorrow is my touristy time, but I honestly don't feel like there's anything I want to spend 3-4 hours on, so I may just bum around the hotel and wait to go to the airport. (I'd feel pretty stupid if I wandered down the wrong alleyway tomorrow and got my ass robbed.) Pretty sleepy now, in any case -- I guess it is 1am, after all -- so I'll be off to bed, and up for breakfast tomorrow.

Just wanted you to know I was alive. More thorough Kruger trip report later, after I upload pictures.

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every time I read this all I can think of is holy crap lions!

Yes, that was intentional. :)

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