Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Updating From Eastern South Africa

The difference between the Cape area and the eastern part of South Africa is incredible, and immediately obvious in a way I wouldn't have typically expected. I'm currently in a tourist center in HazyView (gmaps), which is a place where I've got free wifi for the first time in the past 36 hours or so. Since I think this will be my last internet access before next Thursday, I'm taking advantage of it.

Watching busloads (literally) of school kids walk alongside a road with aspeed limit of 80 km/h is the biggest thing that I noticed, but the sheer spread out nature of housing around here is simply something that you never see in the US. Even in Europe, I never saw it; everything in the parts of Europe I saw was simply pushed so close together that it didn't have this wide acres upon acres of housing over it. I'm sure that I'm showing what a stupid American I am, but I can't really help it, I suppose.

I'm about to head to Paul Kruger gate, after which I'll be going to Skukuza, then to Satara, then to Lower Sabie, and out Crocodile Gate on Thursday morning. I'll then be flying back to Cape Town for a day, and flying home Friday night/Saturday morning.

I miss the States, but I'm overjoyed to be experiencing this probably once in a lifetime opportunity. When you're a kid, you hear all these things in school about the Cape of Good Hope -- but there's never really an idea in your mind that you might someday be there. But yesterday, that's exactly where I was: standing down on the Cape of Good Hope. And that's just damn cool.
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