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For the Stalkers
Flights to/from South Africa.

Friday, September 26
Flight: Delta 6795 Operated by Comair
Departs: 10:40 am from BOS
Arrives: 11:54 am at JFK
Seats: 2C

Flight: Delta 128
Departs: 3:55 pm from JFK
Arrives: 3:55 pm at CPT
Seats: 24C


Friday, October 10
Flight: Delta 129
Departs: 6:00 pm from CPT
Arrives: 6:30 am at JFK
Seats: 22F

Saturday, October 11
Flight: Delta 6790 Operated by Comair
Departs: 8:40 am from JFK
Arrives: 10:14 am at BOS
Seats: 3C

Have packed:

Camera equipment. GPS.

Laptops: Macbook, Thinkpad, eeepc.

Novels (6): Half of the foundation series, and a couple others in the same class of novels.
Business cards (hundreds).
Clothing, range 10C-30C: Underwear, Socks, Pants, Shirts, Sweaters, Jackets, and Swimming trunks/towel. 3 types shoes: Hiking Boots, Sneakers, Sandals.
Toiletries: Razor, toothpaste/toothbrush, soap, shampoo.

Passport. Itinerary. Hotel reservation printout.

Can't check in for my flight electronically. Called T-Mobile and confirmed international calling. Couldn't find SA plugs in local hardware store.

What am I missing?

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Last time it wouldn't let me check in on-line, it was because I had a date with the special security checks at the airport. However, I think Delta has trouble managing on-line check-in for a flight connecting to an international one so you might be OK.


Yeah, I think this is just a "We want to check your passport to make sure you've accomplished your visa requirements", but apparently they also changed the flight number that I was trying to register under yesterday, so it could have been either of those things. Anyway, I'm in JFK now, wondering why the hell they tell you to arrive earlier for international flights when there is no extra security on the US side, but a friend tells me they check the plane more thoroughly and shit.

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