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Happy Birthday to Jess
It's a birthday! Happy Birthday to jpallan, the love of my life. and the person I hope to spend the rest of my life with. I hope that her birthday is as lovely to her as every minute I get to spend with her is to me.

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Small world. The love of *my* life, coincidentally also named Jess, coincidentally had her birthday yesterday.

I adore you, Christopher. We have our moments (who doesn't? besonders mit einem Schwaben!) and after five years together, I can say that my most sincere wish is to be curled into your arms at night.

I hope that God will continue to be so good to us.

I hope that the Giant Casserole Dish in the sky will continue to guide us and protect us as well.

And that maybe, one day I'll learn that there are times when it's okay to not be a smartass... but today is not that day.

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