Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Driving time.

Sleepy. Been getting sleepy around 11 lately, suppose that's not exactly suprising given 6.30 am wakeups with the girls back in school.

Was kind of hoping for a fun storm this weekend, but didn't get what i was hoping for; the 495/95 loops looked like weather barriers on the radar, with a clear bubble effect around boston.

Have recently been amazed by julie's continued ability to read anything she wants, from the text on sides of the comcast usual, to the menus on computer screen drop downs. She is now able to read long books by herself, quickly, and has almost no cases where she ever gets stuck. Compare this to last year at this time, where she could barely read the alphabet.

Not having a shoulder to cry on when I need it at the moment sucks. With Jess exhausted from school and falling asleep around 8.30, i've been having a couple hours a night where i'm alone with myself and my thoughts, which is somewhat ... Unfortunate with my current state of mind.

Such is life in the fast lane.
Tags: daily life

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