Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

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JZapper51 (9:24:24 PM): it's my song again--brown eyed girl *grins*
ChrisRS84 (9:24:47 PM): woohoo!
JZapper51 (9:24:49 PM): everclear version this time though...but that one is about me too...*laughs*
ChrisRS84 (9:24:56 PM): that's because a cute girl like you has lots of songs about her.
JZapper51 (9:25:17 PM): yep, of course ;-)
JZapper51 (9:25:57 PM): The only one I can think of that works is brown eyed girl though...but there's so many versions of that, the whole world must love me!!! HAHA! *laughs* or not....*grin*
ChrisRS84 (9:26:09 PM): i love you saah!

still 4/8/02

i REMEMBER this conversation.
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