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ETA: Does anyone want to see these here? I can't really decide what I want to do with twitter: whether I should keep updating it, and having it go here, or if I should not have it go here, if I should post more often, if I should post less often, etc.

Any thoughts? I think my inclination at the moment is to turn LoudTwitter off, and start posting more frequently to twitter, and if you want to follow along with me, you can follow along there.

ETA2: Okay, loudtwitter is off, and I added several dozen more people to my twitter followees. At some point, I'll need a solution or keeping up with the people who I don't want on my device, but for now, I've got most local-ish people going to my phone. We'll see how this works.

  • 14:43 Am suffering lack of productivity due to short day. High levels of juggling combined with horrible wireless reception: shoulda stayed home. #
  • 18:12 Some year, i kinda want to go to burning man. I have no idea if i'd enjoy it, but it seems like the kind of thing you have to do once. #
Via LoudTwitter

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Surprised that this kind of message transit doesn't have the option to copy only messages containing a particular string.

LoudTwitter? I'm not sure how I would use that anyway: the problem is that LiveJournal isn't a good platform for me to deliver short messages, it's generally a platform where I communicate more on longer topics. If you want short non-sequiters, then following me on twitter seems like it's fine to me.

i bumped my text messages up to unlimited outside my carrier so that i could follow twitter there without worrying about how many messages i got, heh. =)

My concern with how many messages I get is not tied to cost, but instead tied to the number of distractions I have in my day. Every time a text message comes in, I have to figure out if it's twitter or someone that I need to respond to, and that amount of time distracts me from whatever I'm working on.

Yeah I guess that wouldn't matter for everyone. Is there a way that you could separate the important from the twittering? I just don't get a chance to check most of my texts while working.

Nope. No way to change the alert sound, or to have them go into a separate message box, or anything like that.

I can set a ringtone for a specific contact, but not a messaging tone.

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