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Ooh! A Blue Car!
Have *no* ability to concentrate over this last weekend. I've been bouncing like a rubber ball between things that I have going on, pinging from one place to another constantly, with no ability to stay on any one thing for more than a couple minutes at a time.

I did successfully watch an episode of Nova (on the DARPA Grand Challenge), which was cool. I also followed the advice of a commenter on Hulu and tried to find more Nova on the PBS site, and even found a great one to watch (The Car Talk guys doing an episode about the future of automobiles), but was disappointed at the fact that it was in quicktime. I've gotten spoiled by the current generation of flash-based video players.

I went with Kristan to the place where she's catsitting for an hour last night, and borrowed an Asimov book while I was there. (The person she's cat sitting for has 4 full book shelves of mostly sci-fi. I suffer so much book envy any time I'm there.)

The girls and I cleaned the house yesterday -- to the point of actually moving all the furniture, sweeping under it, etc. The kitchen is still a bit of a tip (is that phrase used right? I think I've heard it before...) but the living room and dining room were swept clean, all stuff picked up, etc. I like having clean floors.

I don't know what I want to do with my day. Ali is going to Canobie Lake with her dad as a birthday thing, so I'll just have Jess and Julie in the house. Maybe I'll just find a spot in the sun and read my book.

I'm thinking I might go with Kristan to Six Flags on Wednesday. (This is the last chance I'll get to go on a Wednesday before she leaves for Texas, and Wednesdays are usually the least crowded day to go.)

Babble babble. I don't think anyone even reads these anymore other than Jess. I wonder if there's something I could write about that would change that. I suppose I could invent sexual escapades. Or just put things behind a cut that says "TMI, don't click."

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Actually, the "TMI, don't click" reverse psychology from you won't work on me. Track records, you know. Sorry!

Reading, just having nothing witty to respond with.

Always read, Not much to...Oooh shiny! Yeah, just easily distracted. Otherwise I'd blog far more too.

I am reading, and enjoying your more personal entries.

I dont know you well enough to have much to comment on, but I am reading.

You and the girls could come do the same at my house, ya know. Someone who moved furniture to clean underneath it? My furniture would be shocked into submission.

but i like black cars...

i read. even if i read nothing else on lj, i always read my 'journals only' section of my f/list.

book envy is a beautiful thing. i'm envious of the books on my OWN bookshelves... heh...

*reading* at least once in a while anyway =)

I read these, though I expect that might be more scary then comforting, as I barely know you.

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