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JZapper51 (7:59:24 PM): well, if worse comes to worse, you could ask me...*laughs* but why you'd want to do that is beyond me...

JZapper51 (8:18:15 PM): are you going to ask liz then?
ChrisRS84 (8:18:25 PM): probly

JZapper51 (8:22:18 PM): well, if you don't, I'm next in line, right ;-) lol

JZapper51 (8:23:58 PM): (<~~~finds it beyond cool that someone would even consider asking her to prom)
JZapper51 (8:24:20 PM): (so even if you don't really mean it, it still makes me feel like I am something! *laughs*)
JZapper51 (8:26:01 PM): this has been a semi-sappy sarah moment. please check back in a few years for the next one.

ah, good times.

i'm not too smart.

you liked me, girly girl, and i was too dumb to know. ;)
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