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Camping/Hiking Trip
I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon to go camping and hiking in the White Mountains for 5 days. I've got a trip planned out that I'm hoping will have me hitting 9 4000 footers:
  • North + South Kinsman
  • North + South Twin
  • Little Haystack
  • Mount Lincoln
  • Mount Lafayette
  • Galehead Mountain
  • Cannon Mountain

We'll see how well it goes.

I'm staying at Lafayette Campground, in Franconia Notch. I've got a bunch of gear all packed up and ready to go. Need to finish packing up today, and get onto buying food and other things that I haven't got yet.

I haven't been camping in about 7 years. I'm looking forward to it a lot.

I'm going on my own. I'm hoping that the time gives me a break from technology (I'm bringing my computer, but only so that I can get photos off of it, hopefully) and a time to clear my head and come back relaxed/refreshed.

I'm also going to stop by the Globe Corner Bookstore and look for maps; you can never have too many maps.

And, since I've already promised to several people: I don't plan to get eaten by a bear. :)

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Have an amazing time. Sounds like a great idea.

That sounds wonderful. Have a good time!

Have an awesome trip, bro. :-)

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