Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt


I used the grill my parents got Jess and I for our anniversary for the first time tonight. I made burgers (ground beef).

Couple observations:
* Trader Joe's charcoal isn't briquettes. This is weird to me. I've never seen charcoal that wasn't briquettes. But it did smell pretty damn good.
* Charcoal Chimney? AMAZING. Seriously, if you've ever cooked with charcoal and dealt with the "how can we help it stay lit?" problem, the charcoal chimney is seriously incredible. No work at all.
* The grill we have is too big to have the charcoal we need to cook 'look right' for only two people -- we only need like 2 pounds of charcoal, and it ends up looking lonely in our giant grill :) However, if we were cooking for four or six, I think we would have needed to put a lot more charcoal in the chimney, and it would have looked closer. (Also, burgers don't really require a lot of heat compared to something like steaks, I don't think. So this is good.)

Kristan fried squash, and I cooked burgers, and they came out really well.

I'm very happy with the gift, and looking forward to using it more.

Pictures of the grill on flickr, and ones of the charcoal chimney are under 'fire'.
Tags: daily life, gifts

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