Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

dmb show

Saw DMB last night. Meadows is a really *small* venue: Even though K and I were sitting way back on the lawn, we were at about the same distance as we were when we saw them last year in Mansfield.

Show was very mellow. It was a very different show: I heard a couple things I hadn't heard before -- and I'm also reminded that I haven't listened to any new Dave stuff in a long-ass time. Which I think I'll start changing.

I'm kinda hoping that someone will come up with an offer for free lawn tickets to the Mansfield show in b0st0n like they did to the show last night -- if I see them, I'll totally grab them.

It was also the first show I've been in where I was on the lawn. It was a somewhat different experience -- though I can't say for sure how much was "lawn" and how much was "Meadows" (or "Dodge Music Center", as I guess it's actually called now).

In any case, the show was a lot of fun, and I'm sort of hoping I can hit another one before this tour is over. Of course, that would have been easier had I assumed that people would be giving away tickets for free online, and I didn't need to buy them. :)
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