Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Die, Harvard, Die

Driving through Harvard Square during Harvard graduation? Not so fun.

Finally got a new charger for my cell phone. (end result for my adoring fans? More useless crap to read!) Nobody in town carries name brand nokia chargers, apparently, and the generics literally did not work at all. So i overpaid for a real noe direct from nokia.

This also means that i get drive time music again, which i'd missed. Kristan will tell you I don't give a shit about music -- but that's not really true. I don't care about what music I'm listening to, this is true, but i love music. I love listening to it. I love just laying back with some music on and enjoying it while i read a book, while i'm writing, while i'm coding, etc. It's important to have a soundtrack to my life: it's just not particularly important to me what it is.

Speaking of music, i'm going to the dave matthews band concert in Hartford in 8 days. I've never been to the venue in question - I actually don't think i've ever stopped anywhere in CT for anything I can think of.

Jc leaves tomorrow night: we'll be doing a going away gathering tonight. As far as I know, anyone who wants to come is welcome. Drop us a line if you plan to come.

I did some exploring a couple nights ago of the various ways that LiveJournal has of finding people, and found out that they all suck. Sure, if you only care about online interactions, they're something resembling usable, but as soon as you want to do a search on something combined with a location, you're screwed. I could not, for the life of me, find a way to find people in cambridge interested in some particular interest, for example. The directory search looked like it might work... But then adding multiple filters seemed to just cause it to take the first one. Kinda unfortunate.

Ah well. I'll just have to suffer, i guess.

I'm tired. I want a vacation.
Tags: daily life, meta, ponderings

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