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Said Goodbye to volantwish last night: She's graduating on Thursday from Harvard, but since she'll be spending the next couple days with Family and Boyfriend, this is the last time we'll get to see her before she runs away to NYC.

It's been a somewhat sad friendship the past couple weeks: Although Jana has come over before now, in general, we'd never spent a lot of time together. In the past month or so, we've ended up spending a lot more time together... and realizing that it's the kind of friendship we really should have expanded on earlier.

Watching goofy movies (think Baz Luhrmann), curling up in a ball on the couch, playing around with the kids, working on CS problems (she's getting a CS Degree at Harvard), watching silly television (Gossip Girl, anyone?), etc. etc. These are things that I don't do much with Jess -- we have very different tastes in popular culture, and it limits the number of things we can do together in that regard, and our physical closeness has always been different than the one that I experienced with pie_is_good and other friends of that era -- something that Jana and I fall into somewhat more naturally.

This is all well and good... except that she's running away to NYC for the summer. Although she'll state otherwise, I don't expect to see her again this summer, and after that, she's off to Sea Semester in the fall, so looking at it, it seems somewhat unlikely she'll be heading back to Cambridge after that.

Finding good friends -- people whose personalities mesh well, who aren't freaked out by my tendancy to be physically close, people who enjoy the same kinds of things I do -- is somewhat difficult for me (doubly so, because my time for such things is so limited with the kids and wife to take care of). Finding someone like that, who has been living just down the street for the entire time I've lived in Cambridge, but not finding out until about 2 months before I'm never going to see her again... well, 'sucks' would be one way of putting it.

Goodbyes in that kind of situation are hard, but I prefer them immensely to never having realized what I was saying goodbye to in the first place. There are many people in the area who I should probably be spending more time with -- and even if it was just for a couple weeks, I'm glad that I got to spend time with Jana that I wouldn't have otherwise.
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