Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Posting in Bunches

I almost never have the urge to post, and when I do, it always comes in bunches. It's weird.

jc is in town. He got in last Saturday, and although I'll admit we have probably not been the most exciting hosts in the world, it seems like he's enjoying his trip to Boston.

The weather has been simply gorgeous. The perfect high 60s/low 70s for most of the week (ever since a scary lookin' storm front came through Tuesday afternoon). I spent most of yesterday morning working from the front porch of the house simply because it was too nice outside not to.

I lost my cell phone charger in CA: I haven't yet been able to find one locally that actually charges my phone (including at the T-Mobile store). I bought one last night (very overpriced) from the Nokia store, but I'm just tired of dicking around and trying things out that don't work. This is the first time generic products have failed me so utterly. (Well, Generic potato chips have similar problems.) This is one reason why my recent regular posting went away: no more drive-time entries. Maybe they'll come back once I have a cell phone again.

Now time to take girls to school.
Tags: daily life

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