Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Voting for LiveJournal Advisory Board

I voted for LiveJournal Advisory Board today.

I voted for jameth as my first choice.

Several of my friends have asked me why I did this, stating that Jameth is an asshole, a troll, and other similar statements.

I absolutely agree.

LiveJournal is now controlled by a group of people who do not have some altruistic goal at heart. This isn't world saving, and it's not a particularly profitable venture if you don't do it right. As a result, any business group is going to have to work hard to make a profit on LiveJournal -- and the more *business* incentives that they have to do so, the better.

If I'm going up against an organization which I do not believe has my best interest at heart, I want the representative that I have to be able to affect change as much as possible. LiveJournal's owners have already proved that they may not listen to Advisory Board members. There is no strong incentive for them to change this behavior...

Unless they're faced with an army of trolls.

Trolls are annoying. They are troublesome. And if you get enough of them together, they can affect change that a single advisory board member can't.

jameth leads an army of trolls. Say what you will, that's a powerful force.

Yes, he's an ass. Yes, he's going to do anything to make sure that the people he feels he represents get their way. But many of the things that he represents *are* the same things that you want. He's seen what he feels is abuse of power -- regardless of what it is -- and will fight against that. Thus far, I can't see anything that would make me think that Jameth would be anything other than the best possible choice to represent LiveJournal: not because I feel he represents me, but because I feel that he can more accurately represent my interests than anyone else, even people I consider friends or colleagues, because he has the ability to make himself heard in a way that no one else running does.

And if it comes to that, I think I know how our new SUP overlords may react:

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