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Travellin' Man
Flew out of Boston yesterday for San Francisco. JetBlue plane had an oil leak coming in that they couldn't fix, so we left two hours late due to needing a new plane; landed about one hour late. Made my way through a Very Hot San Francisco -- 95+ degree heat is somewhat unusual for this city. Overall, travel was easy, if slow.

Made it to Neil's, chilled out, caught up on email, prepped a bike for travel to UPXIII, where dinner was. I did question whether biking to UPXIII was the best plan for a flatlander like me. After making it to the house, I decided that it definitely was an ... interesting idea. The house is essentially on Bernal Hill; this means that I was biking up a pretty damn brutal hill to get to the house. In the end, I made it without stopping, but it was definitely a hard push, and it took me about an hour to really recover completely.

Dinner was fantastic. A four course meal for 15 people cooked by the people themselves (though I mostly stuck to doing dishes). Soup, fruits, sea scallops, lovely dessert. All in all, the entire thing was probably some of the best food I've had outside of a restaurant; and some of itw as actually better than I've had in most restaurants. (The experience actually reminded me of Craigie Street Bistrot, which I've been to once-and-only-once.)

Got back around 1am -- 4am body clock time -- and slept for about 4-5 hours.

Currently sitting around, catching up on various things. Looking like my plan for the day is to hack in the same meatspace as Rich and Schuyler (possibly at crucially's, I guess?) and then hit up The Dubliner, over in Noe Valley, starting around 7/7:30, for hacking with other geo-minded folks.

Conference starts tomorrow in Mountain View; need to arrange a way for me to get there before then :)

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You are sorely missed here. I understand now why a lot of mums say the best way to get appreciated is to leave.

The problem with Caltrain is that although it can get me to Mountain View, it can't get me to Google -- no public transportation can. (This is also true of Yahoo!/Sunnyvale; the only way was a 2 mile bike ride from Caltrain, *over a state highway overpass over the interstate*.)


I can just grab a cab, if worst comes to worst, but I'm going to talk to people tonight and see if I can hitch a ride instead.

How long will you be in town? Our trips are overlapping!

Not long; I'm here (at the Googleplex) for the weekend, then fly out on the redeye.

I'm going to be at The Dubliner, in Noe Valley, from about 7:30PM onward this evening: If you're in a position to stop by and grab a drink, you could stop by and say hi?

I'm 603.264.2294 -- feel free to text/call me if you're interested. (I could also grab food around 6 or 6:30?)

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