Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Productive evening

Got release out yesterday and left work at 6, as per plan. Somewhat stressful when customer called during downtime to ask why she couldn't demo to $Boss, but live demo was abandoned; "oops", but nothing to be done. Also found that I like writing tools for doing data entry more than i like data entry - shocking, I'm sure.

Kristan came over, and we watched The Doctor's Daughter (so Mary Sue; great ep anyway) and then the Jeruselem episode of Cities of the Underworld.

Jana (not in t9: how sad) pinged me on aim, saying she was having problems with her final paper for one of her classes. I went over and grabbed her, and dragged her to our place. She researched for a bit, but generally got herself worked up over the fact that her paper wasn't writing itself.

After watching the latest
top chef, it still wasn't flowing, so I took matters into my own hands, and had her dictate the rough sketch of her paper to me. (a blank page is the scariest part of writing, after all.) in the end, she had about 1000 words in incomplete sentences. If she can't pad that into the 3000 word paper she offer, she doesn't deserve a liberal arts college degree. ;)

Watched Gossip Girl with her as a reward -- it was how i got her to work on her paper -- and then took her home. Stayed up for another hour or so hacking on OSM, went to sleep around 4.30. Was up 2.5 hours later, and here we are.

I have a feeling gossip girl will be added to the list of TV I steal from Kristan every week from here forward. Yes, I am a gay man inside, despite loving women and all their feminine wiles.

Off to another day.
Tags: daily life

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