Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Weekend Update, with norm mcdonald

Had a somewhat shitty weekend. Most of it was work related; due to a deadline decided Friday, we had to change priorities to get a release out by the end of the day today. This wasn't a huge deal for me, since I finished most of my chunks a week or so ago... But integration time always finds new bugs, and this was no exception, so i was sort of "on call" all weekend. So not only do i not get credit for working all weekend, i had to work all weekend anyway. Ah, software development.

On the plus side, i made done for the family several times this weekend successfully, including breakfast in bed for Jess on mother's day. I also had my first breakfast bacon at home in a long time. And man oh man was it tasty. I actually got to a point when i couldn't eat any more bacon: i made about a half pound, and no one else wanted more than a piece or two, so I ate what I figure was probably about a third of a pound on my own.

Did some API development for openstreetmap yesterday afternoon, as well as watching an hour of Casino Royale, which Jess bought me as a gift, while the kids were off at a playdate. We traded an hour and a half of peace and quiet with a parent down the street, which worked out well.

Also worked a fair bit on the yard this weekend, though Jess did a lot more than I did, and the front is starting to look reasonable, though I need to get some of the remains out of the yard; still have a big pile of branches to dispose of at the moment.

I guess, looking back, the weekend was rather productive, but it still hasn't left me in a cheerful mood, so i don't know if that's a win or loss.

Ah well. Back to life.
Tags: daily life

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