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Good morning!
Awesome things: cities of the underworld series on the history channel. Totally great episode this week on "secret soviet bases". Watched it last night with kristan, after watching the office.

Full hour season finale of the office next week! I'm excited about that.

Yes, i'm a tv whore these days. Monday is cities of the underworld, thursday is office, and saturday is doctor who (torrented an hour or so after the show ends).

Going out to San Francisco next weekend for wherecamp. May have mentioned this already, can't remember. That should be fun. Still trying to decide what I should do on Friday in San Francisco.

Took a nap in Aerin's sitting room yesterday while waiting to give her a ride over to school for a final presentation. It's nice to be away from the stressors of home sometimes, lets me relax a bit easier without having to think "Oh, I should be cleaning." and so on.

My headphones finally gave up the ghost yesterday at work. Need to see if i can find the other pair that had been floating around, but i haven't seen them in more than a week.

Also, having juicy secrets is hard. I don't have many of them, so this obvious fact has been somewhat unknown to me until relatively recently. I'm sure i've had this problem in the past, but I'm typically so open that secrets are not really part of my life. At least, not juicy ones ;)

Yet another drive time entry written from my phone.

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(Deleted comment)
Driving in Cambridge is not really about driving. (This is unlike New York, despite the population density difference, I think.) It's about stopping. I take 25 minutes to go about a mile and a half back from the girls school: some days it's a bit faster, but in general, I probably spend about 2/3rds of that 25 minutes just waiting at stoplights.

Also, I can type on my phone with one hand without missing a beat. I've learned that over many years. :)

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