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5 Awesome Things
Via rho:

5 awesome things, in no particular order:
  • Doctor Who. (And my source of it, bitt.tv, which usually has a torrent up within an hour of the show being over.) I totally love this show. I've recently rewatched all of Seasons 1 and 2, and I'm keeping up with Season 4. I simply love it. I love the Doctor's knowledge: I love his immediate understanding of most things alien. (In fact, my biggest problem with Torchwood is Jack's total lack of knowledge about alien artifacts: from the 'Risen Mitten' to the various monsters they defeat that he has no idea about.) I really just love Doctor Who.
  • French Underwear. Jess (and, due to peer pressure, a number of her friends) have recently taken to shopping at Intimacy for underwear. Bad for the pocketbook, good for the self esteem -- Jess has been much happier with her self image, which has all sorts of positive side effects, and it's just damn pretty.
  • Django. I love hacking on Django apps. It's just so satisfying. Easy to develop, quick return on investment, etc. My current Django project at work had kind of gotten me down, because it's not particularly Django friendly, but a few quick apps I've hacked out recently have really reminded me of all the parts I like.
  • Daria. Been downloading seasons of that. Really like it.
  • Warm days with drizzly rain. I love summertime, and one of the things that reminds me most of summer is warm drizzly days.
  • Jess. She's lovely, and with the recent uptick in mood and health, it's been a couple of weeks that are quite wonderful.

Really, life in general is preetty okay at the moment. And I like that.

I need to write more, though I've been struggling to come up with what to write about: my day to day life is pretty static, with relatively few exceptions, so writing 'Same old, same old' seems dull.

But hey! An entry. hooray!

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<3 Doctor Who. Did you see The Poison Sky yet?

My biggest problem with Torchwood is that it sucks.

Yep, I watched it last night. :) Twas good.

I'm assuming you saw Rose in it? Kristan made me rewind to double check :)

Yes, I did! :)

...I had a comment about that episode I was going to share, but now I forgot.


Oh, about the Doctor understanding alien things -- it was awesome how completely the clone did not fool him.

Errrr... That was six things, not five.


More the fool you: it was actually 7, with an implicit "Not knowing how to count to 5" :)

Tell Jess when I get there, she needs to take me for a fitting at Intimacy.

Happily, because I am totally unshy about comments.

"Honey, that style is squashing your tits." "No, that colour is not for you." "That look? That's fierce."

Fierce: The Hot Mess Make-over Show

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