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I like people. I might even be said, in general, to be a people person.

I also like Dr. Who. Though I have come to agree with pie_is_good that the Aliens of London and the sequel are among my most disliked episodes.

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Yah, I know you disliked a lot more of them. I rewatched all of Season 2, and have now gone back to Season 1 and am rewatching that, and I've found that my memories of most of the episodes are only of the bad parts, instead of the good parts: I look at an episode and think 'ugh, I didn't like the ending' or something, but on rewatching, I pretty much like most of them.

The exception is Aliens of London. I had to skip it. Bad Science bothers me not at all, but I do agree with what I think you said at one point: Dr. Who is not about Fart Jokes.

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