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Jess is feeling better this morning, having had a root canal yesterday to fix a tooth that was in bad shape. No clue how we're going to cover the multiple thousand dollars of dental cost, but it is good to have her say that her mouth feels better than it has in weeks despite only having one of the two problem teeth taken care of. Such a shame that dental health coverage is in such a sad state: have heard stories of people having only the option of paying more for premiums than their annual maximum coverage. And i thought normal health insurance was bad!

Also, continuing to enjoy an upswing in Jess's overall mood, the duration of which is longer than any in my memory, the entire time we've been together. This is a major good thing, and i hope that it continues long term. It's an excellent example of an upward spiral: getting things taken care of results in more optimism, results in more ability to get things done, results in more optimism, etc. I have seen short bursts of this over the years, but never one so prolonged or effective in the entire time that Jess and i have been together.

Did a software release yesterday, (OpenLayers) have a couple ideas for other projects to ponder in my 'free time' in the short term. Also looking to probably cast about for some contract work related to my mapping work, if anyone is aware of anything i could help out with.

IRS is finally paid off from both 2005 and 2006, (thanks to 2007 return)which is probably my biggest mental relief in my life right now. Yes, i'm still broke, but I don't owe the government any more money, which is a pretty great feeling. Having uncle sam come after you is not a very happy feeling.

I really enjoy having the N95, especially with the latest firmware. Right now, making a gps recording, listening to mp3s through the jetta tape adapter, writing this entry and getting email updates from work. Can your phone do that? Didn't think so. :)

Okay, passing Harvard Square now, which means traffic will move at more than 2 car lengths per minute. Time to drive.
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