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Tell me something joyful or different that you're doing today, or in the near future.

For example, today I'm going to be hanging out and doing a bug squash at work til late. I like things like this, despite it being work, because the people at work are some of the most interesting and entertaining technical people i've had the pleasure of meeting.

This weekend, I'm going to be buying more fish, I hope: more tetras, and a second dwarf frog to keep our current one company.

It's the little joys that make life special, and i want to know what everyone else is experiencing small joys over.

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I cut bangs, because I have my hair up so much in summer that I like having something in front. So I'm enjoying having new hair. It makes me feel like a new-ish person.

Also, it's wildflower season here, so driving is more fun because the verges are full of bluebonnets.

Um, my 11am class was canceled tomorrow? I think that is pretty joyful.

I am also really damn excited for various premieres: series 4 of Doctor Who, Leatherheads opening on Friday, The Office coming back next Thursday.

And, of course, it's gorgeous outside, and there's baseball on later. :)

I am a pretty darn good director. And that makes me happy.

I just finished warping my new loom, and will soon sit down to start weaving.

Tomorrow, I get to do a demonstration with some awesome ladies about Medieval-era fiber and clothing production, from wool fresh off the sheep through combing, cleaning, spinning, weaving, dyeing, etc. It'll be a lovely day.

I am in Las Vegas with my family. Even though our hotel room is rather...scary, we are having a good time and are just enjoying each other.

The London.pm meet last night went really well. Some new people turned up and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I picked the right pub, hurrah!

Joyful thing for this evening is that I'm going to have a bath with Lush stuff in it. (I suppose this means that I literally am staying in to wash my hair.)

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