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Hippo Birdies (Soon) to me

Jess and her mom went out and got me presents from the Globe Corner Bookstore (my birthday is on Wednesday: I'll be 24). Specifically, I got:

  • Mapping Boston, which is gigantic and heavy and beautiful.
  • A Wonder Globe, which is small and spinny and will go on my desk at work</a>
  • A National Geo map of Germany, for hanging on the walls at work

Then, nikolasko gave me a copy of Cartomancy that he picked up in Harvard Square today, which is also awesome.

I also spent a couple hours adding things to my sorely outdated Amazon Wishlist, which I've neglected for ages: bkdelong pointed out that the address on it was still *Manchester*, which was obviously wrong, so now I have an updated Amazon Wishlist for the next time someone asks me for gift ideas.


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