Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Hippo Birdies (Soon) to me


Jess and her mom went out and got me presents from the Globe Corner Bookstore (my birthday is on Wednesday: I'll be 24). Specifically, I got:

  • Mapping Boston, which is gigantic and heavy and beautiful.
  • A Wonder Globe, which is small and spinny and will go on my desk at work</a>
  • A National Geo map of Germany, for hanging on the walls at work

Then, nikolasko gave me a copy of Cartomancy that he picked up in Harvard Square today, which is also awesome.

I also spent a couple hours adding things to my sorely outdated Amazon Wishlist, which I've neglected for ages: bkdelong pointed out that the address on it was still *Manchester*, which was obviously wrong, so now I have an updated Amazon Wishlist for the next time someone asks me for gift ideas.

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