Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

finishing up

Catamaran sail to Rum Point on Friday was great, though Jess got a bit too much sun. Rode a waverunner for the first time ever: very cool. Came back and did an incredible night dive: got to see gigantic parrot fish, sleeping sea turtle, over a WWII era shipwreck (Wreck of the Oro Verde). Drank too much (good) wine on Friday night after diving at Casa Havana, a great dinner place here.

Ducked out on diving Saturday morning. Slept in, rented a Jeep with Joe + Caitlin, went into Georgetown, then up to Boatswain's Beach + Turtle Farm. *Thousands* of sea turtles: really ridiculous. Great fun, great people.

MetaCarta farewell dinner: great food, good music (group was called "After Dark"), and then one short of bad tequila (Sosa) and two shots of good tequila (Patron Platinum) plus two strawberry daiquiris. (I was a bit tipsy by that point, in case one couldn't guess.)

While driving, did a fair amount of mapping: checking street names, logging GPS traces, etc. so I can enter it all into OSM.

Car taking us to the airport at 11:30; 1.5 hours left sitting in our gorgeous hotel on the Cayman Islands.

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