Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

island escape

Tuesday Afternoon: Arrive. Figure out why ATM card isn't working. Get some cash. Swim in the ocean. Drink at the in-pool bar.
Tuesday Evening: Dinner with MetaCarta people. Moonlight swim with Jess.
Tuesday Night: Collapse. Exhausted.

Wednesday Morning: Hotel SCUBA refresher.
Wednesday Afternoon: Refresher dive
Wednesday Evening: MetaCarta Dinner at posh-est restaurant on the island, on a gorgeous deck, under the Lunar Eclipse. Had to sit away from Jess :( but talked to CEO's wife all night.

Thursday Morning: Boat trip across North Sound, Scuba at No-Name, Chinese Wall dive sites above the Cayman Trough (maximum depth 25,000 feet! Though ~6000 near us). Saw many lobster, barracuda, a few eels.
Thursday afternoon: Relax on the beach. Swim in the ocean, sit out in the sun, get a mild sunburn.
Thursday evening: Cocktail hour at CEO's (giant) suite, looking out over the beach from his 3rd floor deck at the sunset.
Thursday night: Collapse into bed, order room service.

Still coming:
Friday: Catamaran trip to stingray city and Rum Point.
Saturday: Diving one last time, probably spend the afternoon in Georgetown.
Sunday: fly back to the states. Home around 9.
Tags: diving, grand cayman

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