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NYC Trip
I leave Cambridge this afternoon for NYC at 1pm. I'll be arriving later tonight, doing dinner with some people, and then probably hacking more. I'll be working (probably close to non-stop) until Friday afternoon, and then I'll be free from late Friday afternoon until Saturday around noontime, when I plan to leave. (Haven't decided exactly when yet, but I want to get back to Jess, who can't make it down.)

I'll be staying in lower Manhattan.

(I meant to post this this morning, but failed; I'm currently on a wifi-enabled bus heading towards NYC.)

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Very nice. What did you think? Prices competitive with train and plane? How long?

It was worth it since work was paying. It as significantly cheaper than plane (20%) and comparable train (since it had wireless). It was supposed to be 4.5 hours, was actually 4. It's reasonably convenient -- no need to take a taxi for $20 to get from airport to town -- and comfortable.

If I was going on my own dime though, I'd save the $60 and go with greyhound.

30 Miserable Lives Lost In Greyhound Bus Crash

The Onion

30 Miserable Lives Lost In Greyhound Bus Crash

ALBANY, NY—Emergency crews called to the scene described the remains of the victims as "slightly more lifeless than they were before the accident."

Keep me posted! (Don't forget to sleep!)

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