Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Johnny D's, Eee, OSM

Went out to Johnny D's this morning for breakfast with mako/mika/jgay/others. Showed off the new toy (EeePC), and talked about OpenStreetMap a bit. Found that the most recent cool OSM demo (here) is not nearly as effective on the Eee as it is on a desktop ;) (Screen is too small, so you can't show the full image at the same time.) Still, an effective display.

Also talked about licensing restrictions on Geodata, differences between US + UK (in a phrase: Database Protection), some of the status of OSM, how 'free' the editors are, etc.

Also, got to listen to the jazzy dude playing pop hits in Jazzy form.

Overall, a nice start to my weekend.
Tags: eeepc, openstreetmap, out and about

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