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Conference: FOSS4G, Victoria, BC
Fly out tomorrow morning to FOSS4G, in Victoria, BC. Take off at 6:45 Boston time, arrive at 4:45 Victoria Time.

3 hour layover in SeaTac, during which I change from Delta -> Alaska (and I guess from a domestic flight to an international flight.)

Conferencing all week, then flying back next Saturday.

Wish me luck!

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Don't forget to have $10 on hand when you get into BC - it's a charge to leave the airport! It might be more now; the last time I flew into BC was several years ago.

Have a safe trip!

Sounds like you got scammed -- I paid no such fee :) But I was in Victoria, if that changes things.

Nope, Garrison Keillor bitched about paying it, too. ;) Online rumor courtesy Usenet archives and various travel boards seems to have it automatically built into some airlines' fees now, but when I last flew, it was $10 in cash per person.

Vancouver International Airport official website says $5 within BC, $15 for "all other destinations."

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