Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Careers Meme

Meme thing:

  1. Go to Career Cruising
  2. Put in Username: nycareers and Password: landmark.
  3. Take their "Career Matchmaker" questions.
  4. Post the top ten results
Top 10:
  1. Planner
  2. Computer Programmer
  3. Cartographer
  4. Electronics Assembler
  5. Office Machine Repairer
  6. Landscape Architect
  7. GIS Specialist
  8. Business Systems Analyst
  9. Picture Framer
  10. Furniture Finisher

Ten more:
  1. Plumber
  2. Database Developer
  3. Upholsterer
  4. Web Developer
  5. Cabinetmaker
  6. Tailor / Dressmaker
  7. Computer Support Person
  8. Cable Installer and Repairer
  9. Project Manager
  10. Musical Instrument Builder and Repairer

Interesting that I got cartographer as a second pick -- I often say that I wish I could just sit around and make pretty maps all day. (the boston freemap is my primary experience in this regard, which isn't all that pretty of a map.)
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