Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt


Get up. Wake up Jess. Get girls dressed. Get breakfast on the table.

Wake up Jess. Get dressed. Start getting shit together for the day.

Wake up Jess. Pack my bag, find the box of hairties, brush, etc.

Wake up Jess. Get the girls done with food, make sure backpacks are packed, take backpacks out to car ahead of time. Jess gets up, and starts brushing girls hair. I finish packing my bag.

Get in the car. Take the girls to school: Julie first, then Ali, including:
* dropping off forms in 3 different places
* Introducing self to teachers.
* Saying hi and small-chatting with director of admissions.

Start drive back. Car starts making weird noise every time I let the clutch in or out. (Feels like rubbing in the front left wheelwell.) STop car, get out and look at it. Can't see anything. Try to recreate with door open -- don't hear anything obvious. Decide that there isn't much to do other than drive the next 1mi back to the house, and start calling places.

Call 3 garages. One says "Earliest we can do is tomorrow morning", two others say "thursday" and "friday" respectively. I tell the tomorrow guys I'll drop it off tomorrow.

Arrange for a zip car from 2->6.

Call Jess, who arranges for her mom to bring a car down for us. (Yay for parents-in-law with 4 cars and only two drivers.) Walk to work.

Work for a couple hours, and find out in the process that my previous plan for packing up our software is going to fail miserably. Give up and pursue the route I understand less to packaging the software, which I'd been hoping to avoid. Sigh.

Chat with coworkers on directino of their project for a short while, and other people at MC for a short while, before needing to duck out at 2 to get Julie from school. Get zipcar (after not being able to find it for a bit), head out to get Julie.

Get Julie from school, head over to grocery store to pick out a meal for dinner + kill time.

Decide on franks and beans, and go to get Alicia from school. Do so successfully, 15 minutes after the kids are supposed to be ending school. (Cambridge Friends + Punctuality do not go together.)

Get Alicia, head over to Doctor's. Takes long enough that we don't make it on time, not that it much matters.

Sit in waiting room for 15 minutes, have nurse take height/weight measurements, and go back to waiting room... for an hour. (An hour. With two small children. While trying, despereately, to get some work done.)

Push back Zipcar rental another 30 minutes, since the 2.5 hours after the doctor's appointment was supposed to be is apparently not enough.

Go in, talk to doctor for a bit, doctor disappears for 30 minutes, comes in with residents for 30 seconds, dissappears for another 15 minutes, finally comes back and tells us we are free to go.

Schedule two more appointments -- one for each kid -- and get out. My zip car runs out in 35 minutes -- and it's a 20 minute drive away at good times. Eventually make it out of Fenway -- through Red Sox game night traffic -- and back to Cambridge, where I get the girls back to the house, drop them off at home, and drop the zipcar -- with 2 whole minutes to spare.

Go to the Star (where the zipcar is parked -- at least that bit was handy), grab hot dogs and cherry coke, encounter hugely long lines... but at least a coworker was also in line, so we chatted and I bitched and moaned. Buy groceries, walk home.

Say hi to Jess/Kristan. Make franks and beans, thank parents-in-law for bringing car down (they arrived around 7:15) and feed children. Have children climb into tub. Tuck Jessie into bed for the night.

Sit down with computer for first restful period of time in 5.5+ hours. Curse the Jetta gods for breaking my car.

I'm still recovering. Perhaps this isn't that long of a day -- but 3.5 hours as a single parenting role to two kids is plenty to tire me out.

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