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OLPC, N95, Gabe, SJ
One of the neatest things about the new phone is that it will autoamtically geotag and upload photos to flickr for me. This means that after I take a couple pictures, it pops up a little box and says 'Upload to Flickr?' if I click 'yes', then it stores it until it can see my home wireless net again, and uploads.

It also does the same thing for videos, to YouTube.

Taking advantage of that, I snapped a dozen pictures of Gabe (mercy_rain's son) and SJ Klein (OLPC Manager of Content) with the OLPC. Note that Gabe had never seen one of these things before, and with practically no help from the adults, he had started painting, typing, and playing with the webcam, cackling quite evilly the whole time.


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Photos are from 11 Aug 2007.


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one of the cutest little boys ever.

I love this series of photos. I've been aware of this program for quite awhile but I love to see that computer in action. I think it really helps illustrate what the program is getting at. Have they got laptops in the field yet?

Also, yes, that is an adorable little boy.

No laptops out yet, I don't think. They just went through another major hardware rev in the past two months -- I think something about beefing up the computer so that it could run a shrunk down version of Windows, at the request of some foreign governments they were targeting. (Sigh.)

SJ said, in response to "Have you started using one as your primary laptop yet?":

"It's close."

Is he checkin out the porn sites? That's what those kids in Nigeria did with their OLPCs.

He was smiling, after all...

There actually wasn't a wireless access point it could connect to out there. So, "no".

automagic geotagging! you've now convinced me that the n95 should replace the iphone in my if-only-i-could-use-a-cellphone heart spot.

Yep. The N95 is my replacement for the iPhone insofar as "I would love an iPhone if I could use one," but I can't (no keypad).

The N95 is better in some ways, but doesn't have the pretty UI. I think in general I'm happier with it though. It has, at the very least, replaced any use case I would have for a different GPS, including in-vehicle routing and navigation.


Cool to see that some developpers are from Québec!

Question from my husband, what phone did you get?


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