Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

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productive day

I have gotten a *lot* of shit done today.

I've rectified more than a dozen maps.

I've improved the time to rectify those maps from infinity (lack of sufficient UI to make them possible to rectify) to 10m average to 1m30s average, with a minimum of 1m7s.

I've generally cleaned up all the code related to that particular branch of the project.

I've finally (after 7 months of wanting to) come to a decent understanding of Google's projection -- or how to emulate it with tools I have.

I've built the majority of Spatial Reference.

I've made lunch and dinner for two children, and dinner for two more of my girls (jpallan and jennifer).

Altogether, it's been a very productive day. First one since last tuesday, and before that, it was a lot longer ago.

Now, tired.

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