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Hospitals are Boring
Jess is in the hospital again. This time, they're going to do a CT scan. So, we're here for at least another couple hours. Fun fun.

Organization of sock drawer: (post requested by beginning

My socks are matched, and then top half folded down, making the socks approximately half size with a small tail of toe hanging out. In general, they are then shoved into the small drawer in the top right of my dresser -- this drawer is full of things like handkerchiefs as well, so it's never particularly well organized. Underwear is stored in a different drawer, because I have a ton of it.

In general, I don't keep a lot of socks matched/folded -- especially in the summer, when I'm only wearing Tevas -- but even in the winter, I mostly match on the fly, rather than doing a lot of pre-matching. We have a seperate sock storage container -- the sock bin -- much like we always did in my parents house, where we had the sock basket.

The girls have lots of socks, and they're very small, so they get doubled over totally. They're differentiated by the different color toe band -- pink for Julie, Purple for Ali, though Julie is growing into a purple color as well.

Jess's socks are a mystery to me. I don't know anything about them -- they just appear and disappear at random, it seems.

I'm tired. I wonder if I can get a hospital bed to take a nap in :)

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Please keep us updated and let her know what's going on.

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