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Dr. Who!
My Doctor Who first season torrent finished overnight, hooray. I'm now watching Aliens of London. I'd already watched the first couple episodes with Sarah the other night, and I hate having to stop. Hopefully the season 2 torrent finishes before I finish watching Season 1. :)

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...did you skip The Unquiet Dead, or did you watch it before you made this post?

(Also, Aliens of London sucks.)

Watched Unquiet Dead before I made the post.

I didn't find too much wrong with Aliens of London, though I definitely liked the first three better. I'm now onto World War III, which I'll watch on my wonderful ipod on the way to work.

I don't like most Russell T. Davies episodes or the series 3 finale. The ones I particularly don't enjoy are End of the World, Aliens of London/World War Three, The Long Game, Boomtown, New Earth, Love & Monsters, and The Last of the Time Lords.


Yeah, I know that's quite a large amount.

But I dislike the Slitheen. I think Doctor Who is above two hours of fart jokes. I also get very sad for UNIT, who was a big part in old Who, and RTD just killed them all off and reduced them to having a password of 'buffalo' on everything.

And then there's the vinegar thing. Um, right. *eyeroll*

And the fact Harriet, the Doctor, and Rose survive that explosion without hardly a scratch. Don't care how strong that closet was, something would have hurt them at least a little.

It's just...bad comedy and plotting. RTD often does well with his characters even when the plotting fails, but I don't really think he does much with that here once the Doctor and Rose leave Jackie's flat at the beginning.

Not a fan at all.

Technically Season 1 was the run starring William Hartnell as the Doctor. What you think is Season 1 is actually about season 35.


Yeah, I'm aware. And it's not the first doctor, it's the ninth doctor. But I'm going by what the torrent called them :)

Actually, it's season 27. ;)

But only fandom ever calls it that -- the production team refers to the 2005 series as Series 1.

Doctor Whooooooo!

I'm an official expert (check out the credits at the bottom!) now :p

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