Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Hospital Visit, Honeymoon Delayed, Computer usage

Will now be spending honeymoon in hospital room. Jess had a serious problem with gastro cramping all night last night, and we finally came into the ER around 6AM. Amazingly, within 20 minutes they had done triage, and gotten her into a bed -- I now know that 6AM is an ideal Mt. Auburn ER time.

After a couple hours of testing in the ER, they admitted her, and we're now looking for blood tests back -- right now, nothing is showing up, but Jess is still under the effects of pain medication and anti-emetics. At the moment, we're here 'until further notice' -- the doc is looking at blood tests, and we don't want to go home with pain meds only to find out that Jess is going to need to come back 12 hours later.

Mt. Washington Hotel reservation has been delayed by two weeks. Maybe I can take more time off work for it. We'll see. Regardless, this just means I don't have to try to figure it out today while Jess is in the hospital. We'll spend the next couple days doing... something, I suppose. If Jess feels well enough, we might even run off for a couple nights into some random direction.

For the record, for all you people who didn't believe it: I haven't used the computer since Friday, except to buy tickets to Six Flags yesterday. I still haven't logged in to, and I don't plan to, which means that any messages, etc. that I've gotten via email or otherwise will not be seen until I am *off* vacation. I am using the computer today while I sit in the hospital room, which means I am on AIM, but anyone who asks me work related stuff will just be ignored.

Edit: They're moving her onto a diet of clear liquids, so she gets Jello and broth for lunch. If she can eat solids, we may be able to get out of here and not need to stay overnight. (Which would be awesome.) Still planning on chilling around Boston instead of going on a trip though.

Edit 2 (3:15PM): The food they gave her (which was not actually 'clears': tomato soup and ice cream, etc.) didn't go so well, and so we're probably looking at an overnight at this point. Jess just got another dose of powerful IV narcotics, so she'll probably be asleep in ~15min. Still no idea what caused it other than 'probably a virus' -- no test results other than elevated white blood cells.

Edit 3 (4:00PM): Doc just came in and confirmed that she won't be going home tonight. They'll do another full fluid meal for dinner, and if she can eat in the morning and shit sometime between now and then, they'll let her go home early morning after breakfast. I plan to be here until they kick me out -- visiting hours end at 8, but I can probably swing at least some time after that -- and then go home and crash. Breakfast should be around 7:30 if I'm reading things right, so she might be home by 8 or 9 tomorrow.

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