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Serenity Now Charity Event
Just saw Serenity at Coolidge Corner theater. I really do love that movie, and that theater. Apparently they did a Moulin Rouge Singalong back in February and I missed it :(

I don't see why they had to kill Wash. Did it really help the storyline?

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One of my MIT friends was there tonight too :D

<3 Wash.

We had a Firefly+Serenity marathon here a couple weekends ago. It was super-awesome.


Oh man, I would love that to pieces.

It doesn't matter how many times I watch that movie, I cry when Wash dies.

I think it did. Because when I first watched it, I thought, "holy shit, I wouldn't put it past Joss to kill off everyone, and have them go out in a blaze of glory", which meant that the final scenes were much more gripping. For me, at any rate.

I like Serenity, but...Moulin Rouge Singalong??? I want!!!

(Let's face it, every showing of MR at my house is a singalong.)

From what I heard, the actor who played Wash wanted him to die... I don't like it either :(

But the overall tone of the series is fantastic.. I love the music, the language, the atmosphere, everything.

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