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LJ at a Wedding
I think this photo has all the people we met via LiveJournal in it. For usernames, click through to the image on Flickr.

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Andy didn't make it into this one. Sorry.

No biggie. Though I don't think he ended up in any of the pictures, honestly. Ah well.

He did a better job of avoiding the cameras than I did! I saw a large group of LJ people and said sure, I can blend in!

You could, until I gave you a name! mwahaha.

Awww. That's a really lovely photo :D

Luckily everyone is spared a look at my face from this angle! :D

:( Sorry. Bad memory. There are a lot of people in it though! A couple others were left out as well.

typoed my username, sweets. s'ok, I don't actually mind. :)

yay you're married! you will have to tell me all about it.

Someone mentioned the wedding and I wanted to say hi and congrats :) Any ranch dressing at the wedding? ;)

ps: you probably don't know this username, it's Cari aka SKingList

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