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Some Highlights
Some highlights of my trip:
  • Climbing Bernal Hill late at night and looking out over sleeping, foggy San Francisco
  • Google Developer Day final session, on the effect of large quantities of data on statistical processing
  • Getting up on stage and presenting at Where 2.0
  • Late night Fluxx with SDE, ajturner, and Rich
  • chatting with Rich and Tim from Urban Mapping
  • Werewolf with Platial/OSM/Random hackery people
  • Sleeping over at Yahoo! -- having full run of a dot-com building at 4am
  • Talking with various people about what they're doing with OpenLayers
  • Tim Foresman's presentation on the earth operating system
  • Schuyler's talk on mapping the maximum city
  • Meeting Josh Livni and hanging out with him and tschaub a bunch
  • Talking to Ryan Sarver (a Skyhook person I like! Shock!)
  • Hanging out with Paige and talking about Jess and the wedding, etc.
  • Hanging out with Rich and talking about photo management strategies, as well as how to geo-enable ruby apps.
  • Talking to Alan from UCSD about cave mapping. (He discovered an additional ~50km of Mammoth Cave.)
  • Awesome food at Marc's at UPXIII
  • Actually meeting Marc, finally
  • Chilling with Neil, including heading over to Berkeley for hearing about Mobile social stuff
  • The pirates game on the DS which uses Skyhook. I can't remember what it's called, but it was awesome
  • Meeting and talking to David Troy from twittervision
  • Meeting the head of the Google SoC program
  • Listening to the band at Wherecamp. They were totally awesome.
I'm sure there were others, but those are the biggest ones that come to mind. Most of my enjoyment of the past week came from Wherecamp, and even there it was largely from stuff outside the sessions.

I did get a chance to meet some cool people at Where, and I'm happy about that, but the most *fun* was at Wherecamp, and mostly late at night.

I probably won't do a more thorough wrap up, so if you're interested in more of a specific thing that I've mentioned or anything else about my trip, do ask.

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Fluxx the card game? I played that this weekend!

Yep. It was good. Schuyler has a copy. Did you have fun with it?

It's excellent; my parents gave that and another strange-yet-cool game to me for Christmas. I'm starting to have quite a collection of games that almost nobody has heard of :)

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