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Yep, I'm definitely a twitter addict. I found it hugely useful for broadcast-style instant messaging without a computer at Wherecamp, and I'm hoping I can convince local people to take it up too. Besides, you've got those 4000 text messages every month: what else are you going to do with them?

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Can you PLEASE tell them to allow people to search for Twitter users via Yahoo, Gmail, MSN or Hotmail like ALL the other services....and then see who on Twitter is ALREADY a member? I do not want to have to spam everyone to find out they're Twitter users. ;)

I just want to add who is already on there....

I strongly disagree with that mentality, so I'm not going to offer it. (Had I known about it when I was in realtime with them, I could have, but that week is over.) However, given that they already do it for LiveJournal contacts, I'm sure it'll come eventually.

I hate getting spammed by a ton of people importing their gmail contacts or whatever: it's extremely annoying to me, and I don't like to encourage it. I'd rather be told which of my friends is a twitter user by that person.

I do think that a better search mechanism is absolutely required: finding people in Boston, or people by name, or any other way than stumbling across them. Luckily, the network is small enough that that's not a huge concern yet.

No - they're missing a key part of that feature. I don't want to import my GMail contacts and email them all. I want to be told, (like on LinkedIn) who on the service ALREADY has an account. Then for the most part I'll send out individual invites.

All the LiveJournal feature does is import the email addresses from ALL LJ friends - not even limited to mutual friends - for a full, unqualified spamming. Drives me crazy.

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I don't know if it will be in general. If all the people in Boston were to actually keep up to date though, it would let me keep track of where my friends were in time to actually meet up with them when it's convenient. I think it requires some widespread adoption among your social group to achieve that utility: at the conference I was at, all the organizers basically used it, so by watching twitter, I could keep up with what was going on.

Also, it lets me step away from the computer without the fear I'm going to 'miss' something (given uptake), because i'll just get a twitter message about it.

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