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Some observations
Apparently lots of people out here read 'ValleyWag'. Either the east coast is less involved in this collection of valley-based wankery, or I'm just totally oblivious: only because of a link from crucially have I ever even seen anything from it. This is kinda weird to me.

Speaking of crucially, I did finally meet him on Monday night, and have seen him a bunch since then.

I joined twitter. The thing is, I could use txtlj to do the same thing -- but my LJ is not the type of place that I typically post things less than 160 characters 5-10 times a day. Instead, it's for longer posts. Admittedly, lately, my posts haven't been that long, but they still mostly aren't 160 characters. So, I've set up a new source of info. I don't expect to use it much. I'll discuss it as I learn whether I'm going to or not, so you can probably find out if my usage is important by just reading this place.

I climbed Bernal Hill today, at around 11pm.

I met Paige, from Platial. She has a lot of really really pretty ink. I'll have to take pictures at wherecamp.

Now, sleep. Love to you all, and real posts will come one of these days.

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I read ValleyWag occasionally. It gets linked to from a lot of startup websites, perhaps because so many startups are in the Valley.

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